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Boga Diocese

Our warm greetings in the name of Christ the Saviour!

In view of the challenges facing the Diocese of Boga, we present to you in a few lines the news of the said Diocese, which constitutes the requests.

Indeed, the Diocese of Boga, through its services and Departments, fights to accomplish various activities in accordance with its Vision, its objectives, and its Mission. This, despite the challenges it faces: the activism of armed groups, COVID-19 and the socio-economic imbalance of its members.

Ministries and prayer requests

  • There has been confirmation of new believers in Kasenyi parish, there is still the program for other
    parishes. What requires prayer is for the security situation in all these regions.
  • The Apolo Kivebulaya Theological Institute of Boga (ITHAK) had just ended the academic year; and
    the primary and secondary schools closed their 2020-2021 school year on 8/9/2021. Which was not
    easy for the others. Regions shaken by violence. Case of all the chiefdoms of Wanyali Tchabi,
    Bahema Boga, part of Walese Vonkutu, and Bahema Mitego whose rising classes have almost lost
    the school year.

Glory be to God for ITHAK which closed the year in Bunia, and the schools of Tchabi and Boga which
also had the chance to present the State and ENAFEP (National Examination of End of Primary Study)
in Bunia.

We pray that God will restore peace in the aforementioned regions, because it will be necessary to
rehabilitate the destroyed schools, and to sensitize the scattered pupils in order to resume activities.
However, we are keen to reorganize school activities by moving schools here in Bunia.

  • The Boga General Hospital (including buildings burned down, and looted equipment) has just been
    rehabilitated and supplied with drugs by the Provincial Government. Hope for the resumption of
    activities in these regions.
  • The Diocese was already recording remarkable innovation in local churches (evangelization and
    church planting, Income Generating Activities, etc.), but these waves of violence have caused the
    displacement (dispersion) of the faithful and their shepherds, and the closing of churches. Pray that
    God will restore peace and stability so that the Lord's Mission can move forward.
  • We give thanks to God because in recent weeks, peace is starting to take shape in the regions of
    Boga, and there is a timid return from certain servants and the population. This is not yet the case
    for the populations of Tchabi and part of Walese Vonkutu.

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Ven Jean Bagada Kabagambe, Diocesan Secretary