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News from the Diocese of Bukavu

0. Introduction

God's work is progressing marvellously in the Diocese of Bukavu. Departments and services work for the benefit of the Church and the community in evangelization, health, education, health, development and theological training. Internal conflicts and Covid-19 are problems or handicaps that we encounter in the performance of our activities.

1. Some activities carried out

1.1. Biblical or theological training

This year 2021, we have 10 students who are at the Bangwe / Uvira Biblical School, 15 students at the Biblical Institute of Bukavu, 21 students at the faculty of theology at the Anglican University of Bukavu (UNAB), 3 students at the Higher Institute of Theology in Aru and 2 students at the Higher Institute of Theology in Kigali / Rwanda

1.2. The ordination of deacons and priests

From 19 July to 1 August 2021, we organized a pastoral training for 23 deacons and 9 priests for two weeks. After the training, they were ordained and sent to parishes preach the gospel and make disciples.

1.3. The evangelization seminar in Uvira

From August 15 to 19, 2021, in collaboration with the ministry ROOTED IN JESUS, the Diocese of Bukavu organized an
evangelization seminar for 100 people including pastors, evangelists, dads, mothers, and young people. This seminar focused on the theme: Having a life rooted in Christ. This is to strengthen Christians in their faith and make them grow the Church qualitatively and quantitatively. This seminar was animated by Mgr Elisha Tendwa, Missionary Bishop of Bukavu based in Uvira, two pastors from Tanzania and one pastor from Burundi.

1.4. Awareness workshop against Covid-19

As of June 17, 2021, the Diocese of Bukavu, in collaboration with the Ministry Life In Abundance, organized in Muhumba / Bukavu a workshop for 100 people including men, women and young people of different faiths. The participants were made aware of the respect of the barrier gestures decreed by the President of the DRC and the provincial authority. After the training, the participants received food (beans, rice and corn flour) to eat. Because during confinement, the population is not moving around, there is no activity. Consequently, the population suffers from hunger.

1.5. Awareness workshop to fight drug addiction

Many young people in Bukavu indulge in drugs, drink alcohol heavily and they get sick, crazy and then they die when they're still young. To fight against this scourge, Dr AMANI Busane Philippe, Mental Health Coordinator in the Diocese of Bukavu, organized an awareness-raising workshop to fight against drugs and strong alcoholic beverages. The workshop took place at Muhumba Parish, Bukavu dated 04.09.2021.

After the training, the sewing machines were donated to the youth clubs of the Parishes of Kabanda, Cirunga, Idjwi / Kasihe, Kadutu and other clubs got the money for doing petty trading activities. This is just to keep the young people busy so that they give up drugs.

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