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News from the Diocese of Katanga


The Covid 19 third wave Delta series pandemic has affected our diocese and the diocese in its community health program has raised awareness among 40 pastors and 9 departments in the prevention of Covid. The parishes take all precautions to ensure that barrier gestures are respected.

Our prayer is to see that the population accepts to be vaccinated because, currently, there is resistance among the people, many no longer want to be vaccinated. We must pray a lot that there is a change in the message that we send to the population in connection with a bad campaign of the Covid -19 vaccine.

Evangelization and Establishment of parishes

By Divine Grace, the Diocese of Katanga has a large church planting program. Today 10 parishes are established and built, with roofing sheets received from CCA funds. Currently each of these parishes has 100 to 150 members.

Soul-winning seminars were organized in Lubumbashi and Kalemie to strengthen and strengthen Christians, a discipleship program was also set up in our archdeaconries and also affected Kalemie's mission.

An Anglophone and Francophone parish has emerged in our diocese, one of the first, which is headed by a Ghanaian priest, in which we find many Anglicans coming from other countries and working in the Congo.

Kimbilio Mission

Kimbilio's mission continues to care for those in need, through building a primary school, children's homes, children's education and tailoring projects as well as that of Tusaidiane.
Let us pray for Kimbilio which recently lost its coordinator, Jean Bosco Tshiswaka. Let us pray for the new team which works as temporary workers while waiting to find the one who will continue this mission as new co-ordinator.

Self-financing project for the Diocese

The diocese set up a self-financing project which finally completed and will work to help the diocese to have resources but following Covid 19 this Guest House with function rooms is not yet working as planned by the project.


The diocese of Katanga has an Anglican theological institution of Lubumbashi which trains future priests, Evangelists and Catechists for the mission of God.

It has trained 30 students this year, 10 of whom have completed their third year studies and are being prepared for ordination this Sunday, September 19, 2021.

A subject for prayer is that we ask so that all this happens under the guide and the power of God.

A new site is under construction for the training and pastors’ retreats.

Katanga Mothers Union

In the MU in the Diocese of Katanga, 50 new members joined in Lubumbashi and 30 in Kalemie. The organization of ecumenical services with other women from other communities continues.

Katanga Prayers

Pray for the Diocesan Synod which begins on September 19, 2021 and ends on September 22, 2021.

Let us pray for the mission of the Bishops who will visit Kalemie to finally assess the work of the future Diocese of Kalemie in November 2021.

Let us pray for Bishop Bertin’s episcopal visit to Kalemie which will take place in early September before the synod.

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