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News from the Evangelism Department

1. Boga Diocese

We thank the Lord for powerfully using the diocesan coordinator and all his team under the guidance of Bishop William to lead an evangelistic campaign in the Archdeaconry of Isura where a number of Christians had joined a sect, with one pastor even being rebaptised. The good news is that many of the ‘sheep who had wandered away’ confessed and were reintegrated into the Anglican church. Note that the evangelists did a refresher course with financial support from CCA before heading out.

Below are pictures of the campaign.

2. Kamango Diocese

The majority of Christians from this diocese are on the move to Nobili due to the insecurity caused by ADF’s atrocities. The Anglican church through the diocese of Kamango has been able to equip evangelists and pastors to take care of the internally displaced people with the word of God. It remains a subject for prayer that these horrendous atrocities would end and that those who want peace find lasting peace once more and return home.

3. Aru Diocese

The diocese has gone ahead with opening new parishes and archdeaconries. The diocesan evangelists (CODEV) went ahead three days before in order to do door-to-door evangelism in some local churches.

4. Kinshasa Diocese

In Central Congo province, new churches were planted in Kenge, Boma, Matadi and Kikwit by the evangelism team. The challenges to planting new churches are enormous from acquiring land to roofing sheets for the chapels. Training the catechists responsible for these churches is another challenge.

5. Katanga Diocese

The capacity building of evangelists went well ; this is a matter for thanksgiving, once again with financial support from CCA.

6. North Kivu Diocese

The diocesan coordinator facilitated seminars at the archdeaconry level for pastors and evangelists. Although the security situation was alarming, we thank the Lord for the work done.

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