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Summary Report from Kindu Diocese

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We thank our gracious God who sustains us each year from beginning to end without major incident. May He be praised for ever

We also say thank you for the primary and secondary schools’ coordination (office) in our Diocese

We thank God for the healing of the Bishop two days before the start of the National Synod.



The Diocese of Kindu hosted the meetings of the Provincial Synod from 3-9 July 2021. Each diocese was represented by 5 people : the Bishop and his wife, a lay delegate, another representing the clergy and a youth delegate. In addition there were 7 delegates from the National Office. The Synod theme was « Rooted in Jesus Christ ; Col. 2 :6-7 »

During this meeting, the delegates voted unanimously to create the Diocese of Kalima, which will be inaugurated next year, 2022.

Following on from the disorder observed in Kalima, the elective Synod will be convened after the awareness-raising tour by the Bishop to the 4 Archdeaconries which will make up this Diocese.

Departmental news

Mothers’ Union

A regular meeting each Thursday in all the parishes in the diocese strengthens the ladies’ faith.

A literacy workshop for adults was organised in Kindu in August 2021, with participants coming from the Archdeaconries which organised these activities.

Activities of cutting and sewing plus basket-weaving at the Mothers’ Union centre for the advancement of women and 5 workshops, including one for basket weaving at the parish church of Holy Trinity in Kasuku.

Diocesan Community Development Office

With the support of CCA (a designated legacy: Ed), the Diocesan Development Office is in the process of rehabilitating the William Vocational Training Centre and acquiring machines for carpentry. The crisis caused by COVID 19 has delayed this project.

Finishing of the commercial self-financing project to support the agents and Pastors of the Diocese of Kindu.


We are continuing to take steps in order that staff recruited for our schools are paid. We welcomed a consultant from an organisation which plans to support us in improving study conditions in our Primary and Secondary schools.

Biblical and Theological Training

We train catechists at Beroya Bible School. Six finalists were sent to their respective parishes.

Rev Salumu Mankunku completed his degree at UAC et two other students are pursuing their studies in Bunia, with three more in Aru Diocese.

We plan to send a candidate to continue theological training in Nairobi in the next academic year.

The building project at the Guest Centre on the Pastoral Centre site is progressing. This centre will support Biblical and Theological Training activities in the Diocese.



COVID 19 pandemic - with the mixed information received from social media it has made it difficult to raise awareness about the need to be vaccinated.

The presence of displaced people in LUSENGE, SHABUNDA and SALAMABILA. Without help or media coverage. A result of fighting by armed groups of MAI-MAI which frequently attack the Canadian Mining Group that mines for gold at Salamabila.

The proliferation of Revival and Independent churches in the villages with messages of prosperity does not further the Mission.

The low financial contribution of Christians to the running of the Diocese.



Pray for the Archbishop and Diocesan Bishop Masimango that the transition to the new Archbishop will happen peacefully. Pray also for the enthronement of Bishop Titre Ande as the new Archbishop in January 2022.

Pray for our country DRC that the insecurity created by armed groups will come to an end.
Instability of Provincial institutions – there are 14 Provinces without a governor, all had their powers stripped by their respective provinces because of bad management.

Pray for the new diocese of KALIMA. There are many needs including for a vehicle, the completion work on the house and church workers in the parishes.

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