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Development, Peace and Reconciliation projects

The Anglican Church in the DRC is concentrated in the difficult east of the country, but has spread out as far as Brazzaville in the neighbouring Republic of Congo. It is not confined to the main towns, but in some regions reaches up into the highlands and valleys where many aid organisations have problems penetrating. Apart from its mission of spreading the Gospel, it organises relief at local level for refugees from war-torn areas, counselling for victims of conflict and seminars in conflict resolution so important in areas of tribal upheaval. It is also involved in stabilisation programmes such as education (e.g. running parent-financed primary and secondary schools), health (through a wide network of health centres) including the training of primary health workers and to a limited extent so far radio information programming. The Church is also involved in infrastructure programmes such as school rehabilitation and clean water. Various NGOs and partner organisations are involved in undertaking these activities.

The CCA wants to highlight the reach of the Anglican Church in the DRC and its willingness to play a larger role in local development. The first step in this is the holding of partners' consultation meeting in the DRC in April 2007. With this in mind, the CCA is in touch with British aid organisations with a view to developing a strategy to bolster effective aid delivery even in difficult areas, drawing on the Church's experience and resilience.

Since 2005/06 the Anglican Church in the DRC has been engaged in projects in the fields of Education, Health care, Humanitarian Aid, Agriculture, Water, Microprojects, Training and Peace and Reconciliation.